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Shikkhangon.com is a one stop digital education portal to provide innovative online services to Teachers, Students & Educational Institutes. It's a digital education concern of Copotronic lnfoSystems Ltd. Which is a Private-Govt. joint venture national ICT award winner software company. Shikkhangon.com is also providing all sorts to automation services to Chittagong, Camilla Dhaka and Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board along with more than 15,000 institutes and severed over 10 million students under the e-Sheba project of Ministry of Education.

শিক্ষাঙ্গন.কম হল একটি ওয়ান স্টপ ডিজিটাল শিক্ষা পোর্টাল যা শিক্ষক, ছাত্র-ছাএী এবং শিক্ষা প্রতিষ্ঠানে উদ্ভাবনী অনলাইন পরিষেবা প্রদান করে। এটি কপোট্রনিক ইনফো সিস্টেমস লিমিটেড এর একটি ডিজিটাল শিক্ষা বিষয়ক উদ্বেগ। যা একটি বেসরকারি-সরকারি যৌথ উদ্যোগ, জাতীয় আইসিটি পুরস্কার বিজয়ী সফটওয়্যার কোম্পানি। শিক্ষা মন্ত্রণালয়ের ই-সেবা প্রকল্পের অধীনে শিক্ষাঙ্গন.কম চট্টগ্রাম, কুমিল্লা, ঢাকা এবং বাংলাদেশ মাদ্রাসা শিক্ষা বোর্ডের সাথে ১৫,০০০ টিরও বেশি প্রতিষ্ঠান এবং ১০ মিলিয়নেরও বেশি শিক্ষার্থীকে সব ধরণের অটোমেশন পরিষেবা সরবরাহ করছে।


E-Learning Contest: E-Learning Contest is Bangladesh's first online course competition, where teachers or skilled and professional people in various professions will submit their academic and skill courses. Expert juries the board will award the best courses by evaluating these courses on shikkhangon.com and these competitors can earn monthly based on course views. Submit your course today.

Online Meeting: Any educational institution or department can do online meetings online in convenience. Management of online appointments with officials of any department and live meeting available on our online meeting platform.

Education Attendance: E-Attendance is a unique innovation. Departments / Educational Institutions on e-Hazira device. Students / users can provide information about various academic content, notices, cleanliness etc anytime attendees will be able to view the academic content assigned to them on the attendance device.

Live Classes: Any person / organization can conduct live classes through shikkhangon.com, classes Later recorded and maintained as an e-learning course. Video Classes as well as MCQ Model Tests, Images. PDFs etc. can be attached. Anyone from any part of the country through online payment facility LIVE CLASS online classes can be conducted through the platform.

Institution Management: Students, teachers, staff - officials etc. to manage the educational Institution Management, Class Management, Result Management, Online Admission Management, Online Payment Collection, SMS Gateway, Website, Online Class Management, Digital Library, E-Learn, Live Exam. E-Book, Online shikkhangon.com is an educational institution management system with all kinds of management like assignments etc.

Question Bank: Shikkhangon.com has a question bank for creating creative questions, multiple choice questions etc. All teachers can create and moderate questions through the Question Bank. resulting in a complete quality question bank, any exam can be conducted with questions from.

Online Fee Collection: Any educational institution to collect all the fee through online shikkhangon.com is the only online payment of ICT Division's A21 Through gateway ekpay's educational partner shikkhangon.com.


Notice: All notices, announcements, orders of Bangladesh Ministry of Education and Ministry of Primary Education and all Directorates, All information about tenders, policies, news etc. is available in the information section of shikkhangon.com. Search anyone can get their required information from shikkhangon.com through this option.

eMail: All educational institutions of Bangladesh, teachers, education administration officials from one platform shikkhangon.com has launched e-mail service for everyone to facilitate communication. at shikkhangon.com. Any educational institution, teacher, education officer can be searched and contacted directly through email.

Education Link: Links to all types of educational websites can be found at shikkhangon.com. Without knowing the name of the website by clicking on the logo, you can visit the website of all the institutions related to education.

Education Media:E Shikkhangon.com has all educational institutes of the country, various educational images, videos and blogs. All education Institutions, students, teachers can upload any pictures, videos related to education on shikkhangon.com and through the blog you can discuss any problem or opinion related to education.


Online Health: Health services are available in the campus for various health counseling and medical services for the students. All students and teachers and their families across the country can take various advices from experienced doctors.

Education Loan: All banks have educational management of different banks for students" educational life, financial support loan management is under one umbrella at shikkhangon.com. Teachers and students want to leave the classroom can apply for his education loan.

Tuition and Tutor: If students want tutoring along with studies, parents today want to find tutors for them shikkhangon.com has Tuition and Tutor Management to get in touch.

Hostel and Leaving: It is very difficult to find student hostels or bachelor houses etc. in different parts of the country. Those students both those who want to rent a hostel or a house and those who want to take them have contact information on shikkhangon.com.

Higher Education: Creation of higher education index with information of higher education institutions and good communication with them done by shikkhangon.com. Students with higher education institutions through shikkhangon.com can communicate easily.

Loyalty Program: Management of all possible discount offers for all students, teachers and educational institutions of the country done by shikkhangon.com. All through Premier Shikkangan Debit Card for purchase of any product or service discounts or services can be accepted.

Donation: Shikkhangon.com if you want to give any material like unused books clothes etc free to poor students, You can provide it through this. Also financial support if any to the teacher-student educational institution. If you want to, you can pay through EKPAY online payment gateway through shikkhangon.com.

Part Time / Full Time Job: The students of the country can be notified of the recruitment of any part-time job at shikkhangon.com. Student and teachers can contact shikkhangon.com to get part time job of any institute.